Specialty Coagulants

The Pro Pac and 900 Series Products consist of aluminum based formulations. These products are widely used in municipal water, waste water and industrial waste applications. All of our coagulants are manufactured under tight standards from the highest quality raw materials. The 900 series products are exceptionally pure, consistent and stable.

These Coagulants are supplied in a wide range of charge densities and chain lengths. They can either be used as primary coagulants or settling aids in conjunction with aluminum sulfate or ferric chloride. Advantages of using these products include floc formation over a wide pH range, effectiveness at very low alkalinities and in cold waters, reduced dosages and sludge production, and extended membrane life.

These products should be fed neat to the point of application or, if necessary, diluted with low alkalinity water prior to feed. Chase water should be avoided if possible.

If you are interested in documents covering specific products, please request so by contacting us by phone.

All of these products are NSF approved for potable water treatment.

List of
Specialty Coagulants

Memclear 901
Pro Pac 9600
Pro Pac 9800
Pro Pac 9805
Pro Pac 9810
Pro Pac 9815
Pro Pac 9820
Pro Pac 9825
Pro Pac 9850
Pro Pac 9870
Pro Pac 9890

901         902
903         905
908         911
914         917
920         923
925         926
929         932
935         938
941         947
950         953
960         961
962         963
964         965
966         980